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In Introduction

By Labiba Nazrul

On 09, May 2020 | No Comments | In Introduction | By Labiba Nazrul

This semester has taught me a lot about writing as well as helped me develop my own writing style. I believe that being able to complete three major writing assessments, all of varying genres, allowed me to explore ways my ideas could be expressed. This served to be fruitful as I got to identify what were my strengths and weaknesses for each form of writing.

My first writing, An Unfair and Lovely World, was an opinion editorial on colorism in the South Asian community. My initial approach to such a type of writing was to use heavy pathos to better relate to my audience. While this was a strong method, I still believed something was missing to better validate my work. One way I was able to resolve this was by reading the work of my peers. By seeing and having to critique others writing, I was able to gain a deeper understanding of what proper rhetoric was and how it can be implemented into writing in various ways. For example, I originally did not have much logos as I thought it would not yield positive results in an opinion editorial, however after seeing positive applications of it in other writings I realized logos can be used to actually further my argument.ย 

The second piece of writing, a visual essay titled Colorism, was a piece that took a stance against colorism. For this writing, an audience strategy was needed in order to help identify and establish which audience the visual piece was catered towards and why. Having to complete the audience strategy helped guide me in creating my piece as whenever I would come up with a draft, I would make sure it aligned with my intended audience. By consistently referring back to my argument I was able to reinforce my stance through my writing.

The last writing piece, Damage Done by Disney, was a critical analysis of Disney and how it impacts young girlโ€™s perception of beauty. This piece allowed me to strengthen my ability to find sources and use portions from said writing to support my argument. I was able to decide which sources are best to use by seeing what kind of rhetoric I could include into my own writing from the source itself. In contrast with the first writing where I relied more on my own thoughts, I focused on using words from established sources to formulate my argument. Completing this piece definitely made me aware that the strength of an argument can rely on how well you evaluate existing arguments.

The assignments this semester have taught me both the different methods of writing as well as what my own writing style consists of. On one hand I was able to understand my writing strengths while on the other hand, I also learned how to improve myself by identifying difficulties I had. One such difficulty was establishing a clear side for my critical analysis essay. Although I was sure what I wanted to talk about, it was challenging to get such words into a thesis. I would try to make sure to read more sources and be more well informed about my topic so that making a thesis statement would become easier. Overall, this semester has expanded my perspective of writing to be aware of how informative it can be when done correctly. I was able to learn how rhetorical elements and reasoning such as diction, tone, pathos, logos and ethos can be weaved into writing to enrich it.

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