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Upon my initial reading of Childโ€™s criticism of Disney, I knew the topic would be one I would be interested in. The thesis made by Child was that Disney was guilty of warping the positive reinforcement from Brave into a perspective that aligned with that of society for profit. Although I believed that this was a strong claim, it could have been made even stronger and more general by including examples across a variety of Disney movies. This is how I was able to refine my thesis into one that addresses the bigger problem with Disney. I used Childโ€™s writing as a guideline because although he uses one movie, I tried to implement his method of bringing interviews from those directly associated with the movie to support his argument. This helped me find more sources as most of the ones I used included direct words from individuals such as parents of the targeted demographic or the targeted demographic themselves. I believe this helped me establish ethos in my writing which is also a method used by Child. Ethos allows me to ensure that my argument is more reliable since details are coming from multiple individuals. These sources in turn helped me develop my thesis for it helped me realize that it was okay to differ from my primary sourceโ€™s thesis of focusing on one movie and rather looking at the bigger picture of Disneyโ€™s role in entertainment. Although the sources helped me establish my thesis, I had still had some trouble analyzing them well enough to put into my essay. Since Childโ€™s text was relatively short, I did not have much content to work with in terms of finding similarities among other sources. There are many outside writings that talk about the corruption of Disney however I had to search within such writing to look for the parts that are specific to how it directly impacted young girls and their perception of beauty as well as how they capitalized from it. After finding these sources however, it was a matter of distinguishing between which ones also connected back to Child. If I had used evidence completely estranged from his argument it would have in turn weakened my argument. I believe the video and experiment supported my thesis because they exhibited more examples of Disney corrupting their demographic. The experiment provides a result of the franchise which was used as logos in my argument while the video explains the impact on young girls from a psychological perspective.


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